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The Stage of Finest Flavors

Spinnaker Gourmet Stage is a series of themed dinners where gastronomy transforms into art. Our 'stage', where spotlights illuminate top-tier culinary creations, is a platform for collaborations with renowned chefs, local winemakers, olive oil producers, and Poreč's gastronomic festivals. Much like a true theater of taste, the Spinnaker Gourmet Stage reflects our passion for exceptional cuisine and authentic Istrian hospitality.

Guest Culinary Star: Ana Roš

On October 27th, as part of the Spinnaker Gourmet Stage, we're opening our doors for the gastronomic adventure of the year. We proudly welcome Ana Roš, a culinary star honored with three Michelin stars. Named the World's Best Female Chef in 2017. by The World's 50 Best Restaurants, Ana will introduce Spinnaker's audience to the richness of her kitchen – from the baked specialties of Pekarna Ana to the signature dishes of Hiša Franko.

Regarding her visit to Spinnaker, Ana says, "Being in Poreč and taking over Spinnaker's kitchen to show the Istrian audience what we do at Hiša Franko is truly special. I hope to see chefs and friends among the guests to show them if there's a place in the world where the dishes can be even better with local ingredients, that's for sure Istria.."

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