The Spinnaker Gourmet Stage is a series of special gourmet dinners held at Spinnaker several times a year. What sets these dinners apart from the rest is the menu, which is often prepared in cooperation with acclaimed chefs, winemakers, brewers and oil makers and frequently based on themed ingredients in collaboration with gastro festivals in Poreč.

So far, Spinnaker's kitchen has been visited by the world famous chef Roberto Cerea from Da Vittorio restaurant in Bergamo, chef Rudolf Štefan from the Pelegrini restaurant in Šibenik and chef Goran Kočiš from Noel in Zagreb, while Hrvoje Zirojević from the Laganini restaurant in Palmižana brought a touch of Dalmatia to Istria. Exquisite food coupled with carefully selected drinks invites you to join us for the next dinner.